Workshop Program

The ANRW ’22 will take place in the Liberty B room at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown, the venue of the IETF-114 meeting, on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.


Times are given in America/Eastern (Philadelphia) time zone.

Time Session

Keynote and Research Papers

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Taejoong (Tijay) Chung and Marwan Fayed


Keynote: Layer Four and Three Quarters - Fantastic Quirks and Where to Find Them
Lucas Pardue


Is It Really Necessary to Go Beyond A Fairness Metric for Next-Generation Congestion Control?
Safiqul Islam, Kristian Hiorth, Carsten Griwodz, and Michael Welzl


Cross-layer Network Outage Classification Using Machine Learning
Jan Marius Evang, Azza Hassan Mohamed Ahmed, Ahmed Elmukashfi, and Haakon Bryhni


On the Suitability of BBR Congestion Control for QUIC over GEO SATCOM Networks
Aitor Martin and Naeem Khademi


Priority-aware Forward Error Correction for HTTP
Nooshin Eghbal and Paul Lu





Special Session on Protocol Specification Techniques

How should we describe and specify protocols?

How can we ensure that network protocol specifications are consistent and correct, and how can we verify that specifications are correct and validate that implementations match the specification?

The IETF community has long used natural language, English, to describe and specify its protocols, mixed with occasional formal languages such as ABNF, YANG, and so on. This session will discuss whether this is the right approach, and to what extent formal methods, structured specification languages, and natural language processing techniques can help describe network protocols.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Colin Perkins (University of Glasgow)


Automated Attack Synthesis by Extracting Finite State Machines from Protocol Specification Documents
Max von Hippel (Northeastern University) Invited talk


Tools for disambiguating RFCs
Jane Yen (USC) Invited talk


CFRG Specifications in Theory and Practice
Chris Wood (Cloudflare) Invited talk



Proceedings of the Applied Networking Research Workshop 2022 are available from the ACM Digital Library.

The recordings from the workshop are available on YouTube in two parts: